Out, damned Zionist spot! Out, I say!

The local Shia have done a bit of air brushing.  Yesterday I publicized this poster advertising tonight’s protest rally at the Pakistani Consulate in Toronto by the local Shia community – Note the Reference to a “Zionist Plot”.

Today’s poster, distributed to the ISIJ’s mailing list has been sanitized, note that the reference to the Zionist Plot has been removed.

The ISIJ are the people who brought you al-Quds Day, CASMO, the “Innocence of Muslims” protest and other instances of Ayatollah approved Jew-Hateyness.  Too bad for you ISIJ, we know where you get your marching orders from.  Whitewash all you want, I’m still going to expose you and make sure NASIMCO has it’s charitable status revoked.

The original poster for the now cancelled Ottawa event with Zionist Plot included is still up on Facebook.