Mosaic Of Diversity Alert: Toronto Muslims Claim Murderous Sunni Shia Sectarian Violence A Plot By Jews

Won’t someone in Ottawa Wake Up? This is what multiculturalism has wrought. This is the type of hate that flourishes within the Muslim community here in Canada, not Tehran, not Saudi Arabia, but here in Canada.

This poster, advertising a Monday rally to take place at Pakistan’s consulate here in the city where “Diversity Is Our Strength” is being distributed in Toronto’s Shia community chat forums.

We know that the Ahlul Bayt Society in Canada takes it’s marching orders directly from Tehran. When will the CRA, CSIS, and or the RCMP move to shut down these hate -mongering foreign agents?

This is the email’s content – a call for an army operation to wipe out the miscreants and a reminder that this is a “peaceful” protest and of course the obligatory cry of “Down with Zionism”

Salam un Alaikum,

6:30pm Protest/Sit-in & Candlelight Vigil (candles will be provided)
Pakistan High Commission – Toronto
7880 Keele Street #14, Vaughan, ON L4K 4G7, Canada

We call for a globally co-ordinated peaceful protest against the continuous persecution and genocide of Shia Muslims in Pakistan, especially the Shia Muslim of Quetta. We demand an Army Operation to wipe out the menace which has operated with widespread impunity across Pakistan while law enforcement officials have effectively turned a blind eye on attacks against Shia Muslim communities.

We urge people of all beliefs to join us in the protests especially our sunni brothers and sisters to prove our point that despite this brutal campaign by a very small minority within our ranks to divide us, we stand united for the cause of peace.

Long Live Shia-Sunni Unity – Down with Zionism