Idle Natives Making Threats Again

“In Ottawa, native leaders say they plan further blockades to make a statement about their grievances with the federal government. Grand Chief Gordon Peters made the statement about “transportation corridors” Friday morning in Ottawa.

A reader letter…

Dear Blazing Cat Fur,

I got a first-hand taste of the double standard used by the RCMP when it comes to protest.

This morning, I shouted a question at Chief Theresa Spence at her “press conference.” I was immediately grabbed by two native thugs and forcibly removed from the area. I shouted for police, because I was genuinely afraid I was about to get a beat-down.

They brought me to RCMP Constable Dan Moreau, who informed me that I was trespassing on Algonquin land and that I had no right to “disrupt” their event.

Shouting questions at a scrum is usually allowed. I admit that shouting “where did the money go Thief Theresa?” is provocative, but since when does the media hate provocative questions?

Someone needed to ask the question, and the lapdog media isn’t going to.

Signed “Baked Spaghetti With Meat Sauce.”


Chief Honey Boo Boo Gives A Statement watch at the 1:30 mark for our readers comments;)