Update – Chris Spence Resigns From TDSB – My question is: What comes next after Chris Spence?

Update: Spence Nailed On PhD Thesis

TDSB head resigns over plagiarism controversy

Chris Spence, the head of Toronto’s school board has resigned. In a press release, TDSB chair Chris Bolton said, “Today, I have accepted the resignation of Director of Education Chris Spence from his position with the Toronto District School Board. This resignation is effective immediately. Given the unexpected nature of this situation, we are taking steps to appoint an interim Director to ensure stability across the system.”

National Post – Toronto school board director Chris Spence may have plagiarized multiple articles

“Toronto District School Board director Chris Spence, who has admitted to plagiarizing parts of an opinion piece he submitted in last Sunday’s Toronto Star, appears to have done it before.

Mr. Spence apologized in an open letter posted to the board’s website on Wednesday for failing to “give proper credit” to sources — including a 1989 New York Times story — in the article about the importance of extracurricular sports.

However, the National Post has found several instances in which Mr. Spence seems to have taken information from other articles without crediting them.

Good work by the Post. h/t Sanwin

My question is: What comes next after Chris Spence? This assumes he will in fact lose his job, which given the state of fear that exists in the land of the politically correct is by no means a certainty.

What sort of institutional culture spawns a Chris Spence? Set aside the fiscal mismanagement. The TDSB is a cesspool of radical leftist thinking, they advocate veggie sex for kids & polygamy, they are child abusers who teach that only whites can be racist, they hail as heroes mass murderers like Che Guevara and enforce Sharia law on female students.

The thought of who or what might replace Spence should scare everyone.

This the Spence ThesisThe Effects of Sport Participation on the Academic and Career Aspirations of Black Male Student Athletes in Toronto High Schools

Thesis outline here. h/t me