Exposé: Islamic Apartheid in Europe

“…At the Montessori school Rietlanden/8th of Amsterdam there are two entrances, one for Dutch natives and one for immigrants. The measure was planned to “facilitate” their integration.

It’s the same government that admits that “a third of the schools promote segregation.” 680 schools in Holland are now composed of a majority of an ethnic homogeneity. A study by the Open Society Institute speaks of “concentration camp neighborhoods” for ten percent of the four largest Dutch cities.

30 percent of Dutch Muslims want sharia in the Netherlands, where 80 percent of children of immigrants still continue to “import” wives from their countries of origin, such as Turkey and Morocco. Separation between men and women is funded by the state. The Den Hommel pool offers lessons for Muslim men only. Sharia is implemented in the name of “non-discrimination”.

Muslim lawyers in Rotterdam changed the rules of the courtroom, asking to be allowed to remain seated when the judge enters. They recognize only Allah. The court of Rotterdam has recognized the right to remain seated: “There is no legal obligation requiring Muslim lawyers to stand in front of the court, insofar as this action is in contrast with the dictates of the Islamic faith.