Public Kneads To Know Damning Details Of Chief Pillsbury Dough Boy’s Audit

Update: Attawapiskat audit finds ‘no evidence of due diligence’

81% of files found without supporting documents from Ontario reserve, chief’s spokesman says leak meant to discredit her

“Spence’s team was keeping reporters away from Spence on Monday morning, saying she was “focusing on her hunger strike” and accusing the media of not reporting their “honest information” back to Canadians.

Spence’s spokesman, Danny Metatawabin, suggested that the audit was “absolutely,” wrong but wouldn’t comment further on its contents.”

Here’s a link to the Deloitte Audit in pdf format. h/t Ann

Federal government audit ‘severely critical’ of Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence

OTTAWA—The federal government is concerned a damning independent audit of how federal funds are spent in Attawapiskat will inflame tensions in advance of Friday’s meeting between the prime minister and First Nations leaders, says a source who has seen the report.

The government, however, says it is not deliberately withholding the document and it will be released soon through “normal channels.

Native rail line tampering illegal, threat to innocent life: CN official No Shit?

Ezra on the millions in unaccounted spending