Ezra Levant, Peter Worthington & Barbara Kay Chow Down On Chief Stay Puft

Chief Spence knew what she was doing pulling her dieting stunt in Ottawa

“…even Gandhi never lasted more than 21 days on his hunger strikes. The IRA hunger strikers looked like skeletons by 26 days, and started dying weeks later. Not Spence — she’s still Rubenesque, walking around, doing interviews, all with her trademark double chin. That’s not a comment on her attractiveness. It’s a comment on the Media Party’s love affair with the Idle No More protests.”

Theresa Spence hunger strike not ideological gesture but blackmail

There’s irony in Spence’s hunger strike. Hers is not an ideological gesture like those IRA hunger strikers who died for their cause, but a blackmail attempt to force Harper to pay attention to her.

Barbara Kay on Theresa Spence: You call that a ‘hunger strike’?

There are hunger strikes and there are hunger strikes. To me, a hunger strike is when you drink water and you don’t actually — you know — eat.