One More Reason Ontario Will Soon Resemble Detroit

TDSB says politics behind Liberal decision to back Jimmy Hazel’s trades council

Remember the union that brought you the $143.00 pencil sharpener installation at the TDSB? Well Ontario’s Liberal government has just preserved the union’s monopoly agreement with the school board so you can look forward to more $143.00 dollar pencil sharpener installations.  The TDSB is a mismanaged money pit that wastes our money by the truckload and this is how the Liberal government has decided to answer your concerns.

In a normal province I’d ask where are the opposition parties? Why aren’t they the voice of the people crying out in anger? But Ontario isn’t a normal province any longer, the Liberals sold us to the public service unions and special interests long ago as this shameless payoff illustrates. Like the Democrats of Detroit the Liberals have ran this province into the ground by  rewarding their friends with more and more of your money, and they’ll continue to do so. The recent teacher’s union brouhaha? A mere bump on the road, smoke and mirrors with the mirrors bought on credit.  You can expect the teacher’s union to present an exorbitant invoice for the smoke next election, one that all parties will happily promise to pay.  In one of the most cynical political acts in recent memory the Liberals have promised to repeal the very legislation that enabled them to force a contract on the teachers.

That’s why Ontario is a have not province and that’s why it makes no difference what the opposition parties have to say about any given issue. The sad reality is that any politician hoping to gain power here has to appease the takers and parasites, they outnumber the rest of us by a wide margin. Your future is anywhere but Ontario.