Someone has made a little list…

In France. A member of the MSM notes that acts of violence against the Church are rarely given much coverage by….the MSM – Note Google translate used.

“Behind the figure of cars burned, the silence on the anti-Christian acts”

Desecration, vandalism and burglary in the churches of France: 52

Desecration of cemeteries: 21

Destruction of nurseries (Ed. creche – probably nativity scenes): 6

Liturgical celebrations interrupted:

January: Carcassonne, stoned during the Catholic Mass. Avignon (Maghreb enter a church during Mass to insult the faithful shouting “we’re all gonna burn you.”

May: Carcassonne, stoned during the Catholic Mass by young Maghreb.

2 September: Toulouse, Orthodox worship interrupted by “Pussy Riot” Dijon, Mass interrupted by young North Africans.