Chief Honey Boo Boo Vows To Hold Her Breathe & Stamp Her Feet If Harper Refuses To Meet Her Lunatic Demands

What’s next for Idle Some More?

Chief on hunger strike demands action within 72 hours

“Theresa Spence, the chief of the impoverished community of Attawapiskat, who has been fasting for 24 days to demand the face-to-face discussion, has told her supporters and other native leaders that a meeting must occur within the next 72 hours, and she will not start eating until it has begun”


NDP Suckholes Meet The Porkahantas

When asked to comment on the as much as $250,000 salary Spence and her husband were reportedly paid in the fiscal year 2010-11, Angus, who has stood in solidarity with Spence, refused to comment, instead taking shots at Sun newspapers and personalities.

“That’s bull—-,” he told a reporter.

Spence’s phony baloney fast