Swedish Honour Killing Updates…Up to 11 Suspects At Large

Sweden Seeks KRG Cooperation on ‘Honor Killing’ Victim Maria Barin

Maria’s father, who is said to have a government post in Iraqi Kurdistan, broke Swedish law by forcing his daughter to return to Kurdistan at age 13, for an arranged marriage with an older relative five years later.

After she returned to Sweden, Khalaf is believed to have incited his son to kill Maria.

According to information obtained by Rudaw from Swedish authorities, some eleven suspects in “honor killing” cases are hiding in the Kurdistan Region and other parts of Iraq, and are wanted by Swedish authorities.

Afghan threatened, beat, raped and murdered his wife

20-year Manidja from Afghanistan lived most of her life in Sweden with her ​​family. During a visit home in 2010 was Manidja married off to the one year younger Safiullah Noor Zaman. It would be her death. After marriage, threatened, beaten and raped Safiullah his wife and having gotten the idea that she was not a virgin when they married he murdered his wife by cutting her throat.