Did European Governments Overreact to a New ‘Anti-Islam’ Film?

In September of 2012, supposedly because of an obscure “anti-Islam” film named “Innocence of Muslims,” the Islamic world erupted with violent protests towards Westerners for exercising their right to free speech. Although subsequent information has revealed that most of this violence was actually instigated beforehand by Islamist radicals, often for reasons having nothing to do with the scapegoated film, this has not lessened Western government’s extreme sensitivity to free speech in the West regarding Islam. Just this December, we saw another person targeted by European nations for his critical speech about Islam.


Petitioning Jason Kenney, Minister for Citizenship and Immigration 

Give Refugee Status: IMRAN FIRASAT, support Christians/Hindus of Pakistan

IMRAN FIRASAT, a Pakistani Christian, was provided refugee status by Spain many years ago. Recently, he exercised his free speech rights and produced a historically accurate film about Islam. In response, the Spanish government has begun proceedings to deport him back to Islamic Pakistan. The Islamic state of Pakistan routinely commits genocide against Hindus and persecutes Christians. His return to Pakistan is a guaranteed death sentence, since the Islamic state of Pakistan persecutes minorities and implements blasphemy laws which prescribe torture and execution for those who speak the truth about Islam.