Annual State Of The Blog Address – Key Performance Indicator – MRI – Mohammedan Rage Index, Shows Dramatic Growth

2012 was another growth year for the blog.  Key performance indicators showed a marked increase across the board resulting in our best year ever.

The MRI – Mohammedan Rage Index, shows just how dramatic that growth has been. Mohammedan rage directed at this blog, while always trending upward, soared to new heights this year.

Your support in the form of readership, comments and news tips has been a vital component of that success.

This year saw a shift in the Pissed Off Islamists By Sect or POIBS Index – for the first time the Shia overtook the Sunnis as the most enraged Mohammedans. Again your efforts as readers contributed significantly to this welcome upsurge. Both sects trended upwards over the course of the fiscal year.

2011 saw this blog top 1 Million Unique views, 2012 saw a 49% increase in that tally, we ended the year with a Grand Total of 1,494,152 Uniques – Thank you all. 

Page Loads for 2012 were 3,146,686

2013 will bring it’s share of challenges but thanks to you we will meet them head on.

Happy New Year!