Meet The Mc O’Dougle Family They Are – The Thieving Gypsy Bastards

Viz Magazine published this comic in 94. It was condemned by the UN so you know it’s good.

They issued this apology.  Also below, noted lefty George Monbiot has a rude awakening.

Monbiot and the Morlocks

In which the Guardian’s George Monbiot encounters the underclass and shows how his worldview is quite different from yours:

“A group of us had occupied a piece of land on St George’s Hill in Surrey… Our aim had been to rekindle interest in land reform. It had been going well – we had placated the police, started to generate plenty of public interest – when two young lads with brindled Staffordshire bull terriers arrived in an old removals van. Everyone was welcome at the site and, as they were travellers, one of the groups marginalised by the concentration of control and ownership of land in Britain, we went out of our way to accommodate them. They must have thought they had died and gone to heaven.”  h/t Black Mamba