Did You Know George Washington Carver Was Gay? No? Neither Did He. That Didn’t Stop The TDSB From Lying That He Is.

In the Toronto District School Board’s twisted world Black History Month wasn’t good enough, now February is designated “Queering Black History Month”.

And how better to celebrate “Queering Black History Month” than to lie about the sexual orientation of one of Black America’s most revered figures, George Washington Carver.

The TDSB chose to participate in the lie about Carver’s sexual orientation because fellow zealots included Carver on the “Blacklist”, an index of allegedly Gay Black individuals. There is not an ounce of evidence to back up their claim. Even the TDSB admits this but still includes him in their propaganda. Now That’s Racist.

Update– The only copy of the Blacklist we could locate – does not contain Carver’s name! Now that is despicable!

It’s more than a little ironic that the TDSB chose to propagate this assault on the truth in a document entitled “Gender Based Violence Prevention”. What else is the TDSB lying about? At least they didn’t credit him with inventing Vegetable sex. The fun begins on page 89 of the document.

As ever the TDSB’s assault on the family continues, this is the poster for “Family Day”. Damn how I wished the Mayans had been right.

h/t ML