Police May Investigate Meshwar’s Cartoons

By Jonathan Halevi in Shalom Toronto: Dr. Nazih Khatatba, the editor of Toronto published Meshwar weekly, does not see any reason for apologizing over recently reprinting cartoons portraying Israeli Jews with anti-Semitic characteristics.

In his response to a complaint in this regard Khatatba wrote: “The terrorist who is supporting occupation and killing of children and persecution of another people and territorial settlement“.

The blogger BlazingCatFur, who reprinted Shalom Toronto’s article, received the following talkback signed by “Wasim”:

“Is it wrong to express true felt opinions by the editor? Isreal commits war crimes everyday and yet talk about the genocide. The palestinians are victims of your genocide! Everything that was mentioned was true accept it. Can someone find Barak? No because he failed! If reality is a hate crime to you than maybe you should reconsider! I will put more Ads now in the Meshwar Paper. Thanks Nazih!”