Just One? Saudi Preacher Needs Psychiatric Help Says Broadcaster

Sheikh Mohammad al-Arifi, known for his controversial statements, wrote in a twitter post, “It is prohibited to enable your child to watch MBC3 children; its scenes are full of ideas of atheism and corruption; remove it now; your child is in your care.”

The MBC3 statement pointed to a previous seen as preposterous religious edict by Arifi in which he said a daughter should not sit alone with her father for fear that she might tempt him into lusting after her.

“Words cannot describe such mentality and such rationale, especially that it is coming from individuals who should be at the psychiatric hospital to treat abnormal thinking instead of issuing fatwas,” the MBC statement added.

The Pic is from the MBC site – Arab chicks dressed as Santa seems to be the theme. I want Aloid to give us a ruling on this.