Justin Trudeau Appears At Muslim Brotherhood Rally Despite Human Rights Group Appeal

Joanne Hill: “The Liberal Party leadership hopeful took a swipe at his critics in a veiled reference to B’nai Brith Canada, the Muslim Canadian Congress, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Jason Kenney, MP Marc Garneau and others in his keynote address at the Reviving the Islamic Spirit (RIS) Conference Saturday night.

Toronto Sun: The group said Friday it was “truly unfortunate that Mr. Trudeau has steadfastly refused to meet with leading Canadian Jewish and Muslim groups who have serious and legitimate concerns” about his attendance.

The Star: Justin Trudeau Fires Back At Critics Canadians concerned about Radical Islam

NatPo – Justin Trudeau tells Islamic conference that critics of his appearance there are ‘short-sighted’ — He’s right, from a Liberal Party perspective.  The Liberals are a brokerage party and vote whores by nature, so never miss an opportunity to curry favour with potential allies no matter how evil they may be.

Justin Trudeau’s LPC includes Hamas

Like father like son –  From the comments here.

“Trudeau Senior was PM in the ’80’s (albeit briefly) while I was an NGO documenting HR abuses during the Soviet-backed Communist takeover of Nicaragua.

Some of my conversation with Trudeau’s Ambassador to Central America when I presented him with evidence of Communist torture, murder and persecution of Christians (paraphrased):

Ambassador: “How can you prove this is true?”
NGO: “We have photographs”

Amb: “How do we know who these people really are?”
NGO: “I have identity documents and witnesses who know them.”

Amb: “How can you verify all this?”
NGO: “Family members — real names and addresses; neighbours, the people who found their bodies, medical examiners, the Pastors who buried them, taped interviews, written testimony, witnesses who can identify the Government perpetrators, evidence for motive, et cetera — we can verify everything”.

Amb: “We don’t have an Embassy in Nicaragua — nothing we can do”.


Later, at a public function I was introduced to Trudeau’s Minister of External Affairs no less — Allan J. MacEachen — and when I described my work in Nicaragua as an NGO, his response was snarky: “C.I.A.!”

It reflects the attitude of the Trudeau Gov., which was dangerous for a Canadian NGO working abroad. For the Minister to sloppily assume that one of his fellow citizens could be working for the C.I.A. as a U.S. Government spy, could have landed me 30 years behind bars on my next trip into the conflict zone.

It was in fact the official Communist position at the time that anyone who appeared to contradict the purposes of the Revolution was a paid mercenary for the C.I.A. (and I was certainly contradicting their purposes by documenting torture!). Trudeau’s policy seemed to echo the Commie’s paranoic and fake representation that everybody was an American spy. Including Canadian citizens such as myself.

Trudeau: not only dangerous and paranoic, but totally ignorant of how Communist propaganda functions.”