Justin Trudeau follows father in lending support to tryannical minds

“Despite his reputation as a defender of human rights, Trudeau the Elder seldom if ever spoke up for Soviet-era dissidents or other international civil rights activists.”

Reminder: The Jewish Defence League Will Protest Justin Trudeau’s Appearance At The Following Radical Islamic Conference:

Reviving the Islamic Spirit Hellspawn Conference – 2012, Toronto Convention Centre
Saturday December 22, 7:00 pm
255 Front Street West

Justin Trudeau is scheduled to speak on Sat. 22-Dec. 2012, 7:30PM – 8:00PM

Justin Trudeau, the front runner in the Liberal Party of Canada leadership race, will take part in a meeting sponsored by Islamic Relief at the end of December in Toronto. For the occasion, he will be joined by many Muslim Brotherhood heavyweights, including Tariq Ramadan, Jamal Badawi and Mustafa Ceric. Please see this article by Point de Bascule for more detailed information.