Swedish Teen Girls Riot Over Call for ‘Sluts’ on Instagram

Update II English captioned vid courtesy Vlad

Update this Swedish site has more info but you will have to rely on Google translate. Evidently the action continues on line with more violence expected.

Screenshot courtesy Snaphaken.dk

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Sweden: model liberal democracy, or teen social-media slut-riot hell? Today in Gothenburg, dozens of Swedish teens barricaded a high school, throwing bottles and attacking passers-by, over an anonymous Instagram account that had “asked for tips on sluts in Gothenburg.”

What the media refuses to tell you: Sweden is full of rioting sluts.

This link is to a Swedish site, the comments shed a bit more light on the situation, but you will have to use Google translate which does not speak Swedish well.

Report: “It was a Muslim Bosnian high-school girl who started it all by hanging out other girls as whores, both Swedish and immigrants. As her identity was revealed last night, around 50 immigrant youths gathered outside her home and threatened to kill her. She got a police escort to school Plusgymnasiet) this morning and inside the school the violence escalated…”

h/t lolkatz