Naked Egyptian Activist Chick Denied Transit To Paris To Join Naked Femen Chicks In Protest At Egyptian Embassy

NB – Google Translate: European intelligence agencies stopped anti-islamist  activist Aliya al Mahdi at the airport on the way to Paris to share FEMEN. This morning, the activist without reason or explanation was twice denied the departure from Stockholm to Paris. Alia planned to hold a joint event with the Embassy of Egypt FEMEN against the dictatorial-Sharia constitutional president of Murcia.

Today at 5 am passing Alija registration airport employees told her that her ticket canceled by Lufthansa to the question about the causes of canceled ticket staff could not give an answer and RIM deal with the airline. Deeming the incident technical casus Alia bought second trip to Paris, the airline Scandinavian airlines. Safely by registering, customs and passport control, Alia was stopped by airport just before boarding the plane, she was ordered to pick up their items from luggage and thrown out of the airport building.