Local Muslim Crazy Person Hopes To Have New TDSB Kindergarten Named After Mohammed’s Daughter

Jawed Anwar, a name familiar to readers of this blog, is noted for publishing the local Muslim hate rag, TheMuslim.ca. Jawed has written extensively on Islamic spiritual issues, such as his defense of killing of homosexuals per Sharia law.

Jawed has a new project:  “The building of new school (KG only) in Thorncliffe Park is in progress. The Kindergarten School Naming Committee invites submissions from students, staff, parents, and the local community. They will accept submission until the end of December 2012.

I, as a parent activist of Thorncliffe Park, and as an Ex- Chair of Thorncliffe Park Public School propose the name of the school; Fatimah Kindergarten Public School (FKPS)

If you agree, please send your submission now at ThorncliffeparkES2@tdsb.on.ca”

How much you wanna bet the TDSB goes along with this? The useful idiots at the TDSB will find sufficient elasticity in their naming criterion, as spelled out in the email, to OK this:

“The name of an internationally renowned person whose contribution to humanity is widely recognized within the Toronto community or across Canada”