Justin Trudeau to address Islamic revival Conference

“In a famous debate with Nicolas Sarkozy in France he scandalized the country by defending Sharia law even refusing to denounce death by stoning as provided by Sharia law for some crimes and instead said there should be only a “moratorium on its use” until the issue was studied and discussed in the Muslim world. The former head of the French anti-racism organization SOS Racisme Malek Boutih called Ramadan a “fascist and a small LePen.” He also accused him of having crossed the line of racism and anti-Semitism.

In his book Radical Reform, Ramadan presents current Muslim Brotherhood spiritual guide Youssef Qaradawi as a “prominent scholar” who has outlined the attitudes and the kind of behaviour that Muslims living in the West should adopt. In another book, Ramadan wrote about Qaradawi that he “deeply respect(s) the man and the scholar and that (he) would be the last one to deny it.” The respected Washington based Middle East Media Research Institute has video and translations of talks by Qaradawi promoting the conquest of the West by Muslims, claims that Hitler was “sent by Allah to punish the Jews”, and the endorsement of the killing of those who leave Islam.”

This is the best article I’ve seen on the topic. h/t Scaramouche.