Justin Trudeau Regards Hamas Support As Opportunity To Mobilize Young Jihadi Voters

Votes trump principles according to Trudeau staff

Toronto, December 14, 2012

Following Justin Trudeau’s refusal to dialogue with groups concerned about his speaking role at the upcoming ‘Revival of the Islamic Spirit’ convention, B’nai Brith Canada is calling on the interim Liberal Party leader and human rights critic to intervene with Mr. Trudeau to urge him to reconsider his approach.

Frank Dimant, CEO of B’nai Brith Canada, issued the following statement:

“The statement cited in today’s media by Mr. Trudeau’s press secretary that the event is an opportunity for him to ‘mobilize the youth vote’, suggest a very cynical ‘votes trump principles’ strategy.

“We do not accept Mr. Trudeau’s apparent refusal to dialogue with those concerned about his speaking role at this event, even those within the Muslim community who have publicly shared our concerns. Politicians, especially those with leadership aspirations, have an obligation to meet with Canadians of all faiths. But when you lend your name to an event sponsored by groups with questionable connections, you lend them credibility while disempowering the moderates in that community.

“Mr. Trudeau’s speaking role at this Convention alongside speakers who espouse views which are diametrically opposed to Canadian values, including, for example, support for wife beating, raises many red flags. He should not even be hesitating about responding to such
legitimate concerns.”

For more information please contact Sam Eskenasi, Communications Officer at (647) 780-8490 or communications@bnaibrith.ca.