Syed Soharwardy CSI – Colossally Stupid Imam

Update: Check out the Legal Defense Fund post, thanks.

Readers may recall the mysterious case of Robina Butt, a congregant of Syed Soharwardy’s mosque who was attacked by “unknown” assailants after filing a human rights complaint against Canada’s best known Imam.

Well as it turns out Imam Syed Soharwardy has been on the case much like OJ and his persistent search for the “real killers”. Syed has provided us with an update on his FB page – he assures us the police now know who the real culprits behind Robina Butt’s beating are.

Who could they be you ask?

The Joooos! But not only the Joooos! A rival Muslim cult called the Qadyanis worked with the Joooos to perpetrate this near frame up of the innocent Syed!

Syed Soharwardy  Dear, all Calgarians now know that behind Rubina Butt story Qadyanis and Zionist were involved. You may not know this case is still under investigation with Police. Insha Allah, soon, the culprits and conspirators will be caught. One of them already admitted of lying and fabricating against me. It has been in the newspapers. Your above statement and any other statement will also be sent to police because I am sure truth will come out soon. Insha Allah.
Dear this is not Pakistan. This is Canada. People who made that story will be caught soon or later. I will not rest. So don’t worry. Just answer to your own former Qadyani, AK Shaikh.

NB: Qadiani or Qadiyani (qādiyānī in Urdu and Arabic) is a pejorative term used by Sunnis (who make up the majority of Muslims worldwide) to refer to the minority Ahmadiyya, primarily in Pakistan

H/T Sanwin