Memri: Subverversive Activity Of Iranian Organizations In Canada – Ahlul Bayt Society

“The main means through which the Iranian regime operated in recent years in Canada included the Iranian embassy in Ottawa, via the cultural affairs attaché and the Cultural Center of Iran in Canada, which is headed by the attaché[17]; the Islamic Ahlul Bayt Assembly of Canada…”

This is an important report by Memri and should be read. As I have been stating for some time now, the people who brought you CASMO, Al-Quds Day,the East End Madrassah, the Innocence of Muslims Jew Hate Protest, and assorted Khomeini Luv Ins run the Ahlul Bayt Assembly in Canada. These same individuals have assiduously cultivated willing government dupes and other useful idiot politicians such as Barbara Hall and the Liberal Party of Ontario, ranking members of local police forces, and 5th columnists such as the Canadian Peace Alliance.

Note: Members of both the Sunni and Shia community, in particular people associated with the Ahlul Bayt Society whose activities I’ve exposed,  have sought assistance from a “consultant” to shut me down via lawfare – yes I have the emails. Please visit my Legal Defense Fundraiser post.