Happy Chanukah!

Happy Chanukah! You can’t argue with a religious holiday that involves donuts.

Don’t Forget to attend the JDL’s Chanukah Party Monday Dec 10, Brian Lilley will be there to talk about his new book.

Brian Lilley will present his explosive new book CBC Exposed, that strips away the carefully constructed image of respectability and reveals a group of pampered bureaucrats obsessed with protecting their taxpayer funded perks who are more interested in their biases (anti Israel, pro Islamist) than reporting facts… the more outrageous, the better…

This book takes on the holy grail of the Canadian media landscape and lays bare the truth about CBC. Reckless reporting at the state broadcaster has ruined lives and cost taxpayers millions upon millions in settlement costs yet no one has ever been held to account. This book does what the consensus media cowards are afraid to do, tell the truth about CBC.

Please attend the Jewish Defence League
Chanukah Party for Freedom
Monday, December 10, 2012
7:30pm until 9:00pm

788 Marlee Avenue