Surrender Monkey Overruled

Mayor overturns school bid to ban Santa Claus

In a letter to parents, the head of the Grand-Clos de Montargis primary school had informed them that: “This year, in order to respect different beliefs and the principle of secular education, Father Christmas will not be coming to school.”

A puppet show was proposed as an alternative end-of-term treat for the children of the school in Montargis, south of Paris.

That did not go down well with the local council, which called in the national school inspectorate and between them they ensured a rapid U-turn.

France has major problems, this is a regular occurrence, a Court House battle erupted between Yutes and police after Mustapha, Youness, Ibrahim & Anthony??? were sentenced for a home invasion.

NB: The pic is from the French flic L’ASSASSINAT DU PÈRE NOËL