Hilary To Assad: Don’t Embarrass US Into Unwanted Intervention Slaughter Your People Without Chemical Weapons

US warning to Assad amid ‘credible’ claims on Syria’s chemical weapons

The warning came as the UN said it was pulling all non-essential staff out of the country and, in a sign of the strains in Damascus itself, the chief foreign ministry spokesman Jihad Makdessi was reported to have defected.

Defence officials confirmed they had received “credible reports” of movements of weapons components at Syria’s known chemical sites, though there was no indication that stocks were being readied for immediate use.

No one has the stomach or the desire to publicly intervene, the US is aiding the rebels covertly as it is. And who can blame them, Assad will fall and one more nation will join the ranks of Islamic failed states. Covert aid lessons the risk of direct confrontation with Iran and this is somehow deemed desirable in efforts to dissuade the Mullahs from acquiring nuclear arms. Good luck with that.

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