Hamas Says Abbas Is Talkin Through His Ass

Mahmoud Al-Zahhar against Mahmoud Abbas: Anyone Who Wants to Liberate Palestine Should Pick Up A Gun

Meanwhile the Globe & Mail argues that Canada should go easy on the folks whose sole goal is the destruction of Israel and the Jews because that’s worked so well in the past.

Ottawa should denounce Israeli plan to build in settlement

Canada’s strident defence of Israel’s interests in the UN vote was legitimate but its zealous threats to punish the Palestinians damaged its ability in Arab eyes to contribute to a much-desired two-state solution. Ottawa could re-establish its independence by strongly condemning Israel’s settlement gambit.

And… United Nations sanctions and rewards hatred, violence, murder, terrorism, corruption and duplicity

Palestinians and their putative ‘state’ are consumed by hatred and disgust for Israel and they have spent the sixty five years since it came into existence trying to destroy the Jewish state and kill as many Jews as possible in the process. Their efforts have been characterized by violence and terrorism, including the cold-blooded murder of civilians…of women, children and the elderly.