P.O. Box To Allah

Not all leftists are insane nihilists allied with Islamist evil, just the majority, a greater danger are useful idiot Liberals who deny evil in the name of multiculturalism.

My life as a connoisseur – Nick Cohen

Passion for freedom‘ is now holding its fourth exhibition at the Unit 24 Gallery just behind Tate Modern. The show is a visible and occasionally dazzling manifestation of an often submerged movement in western liberalism that regards the liberal-left mainstream with something close to disgust.

They – we – find the indulgence of radical Islam as a betrayal of the best of the liberal tradition. We are equally repelled by multi-cultural orthodoxy, which puts the interest of a ‘community’ before the interests of the individual, particularly when the individual is a woman.

(Pic – P.O. Box for Allah, banned by the Dutch because it mentioned “Allah”)

Hangama Amiri is a Canadian based artist from Afghanistan whose work is on display at Passion for Freedom.

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