Cave Cats Of The Old City!

Our route, which started at Zachariah’s cave, home of the Cave Kitties!

Zachariah’s cave looked pretty much like most other caves, kinda dark. This one has the distinction of running underneath the old city and may, it is claimed, be the source of stone for Jerusalem and King Solomon’s Temple.

Things livened up a bit when we encountered the dread Cave Kitties! Well they really weren’t that scary, and one was crying for Mom a lot.

Afterwards we bought some kind of liquid off this guy. No idea what it was, perhaps it’s better that way. He pours it out of that backpack samovar.

That’s Damascus Gate in the background.

Here’s a good reason why the “Palestinians” won’t ever get anywhere. We passed this joint on our way to the old city. I guess it’s the Che Guevara store.