Cut The Crap Haroon, All Islamic Nations Are In A Perpetual State Of Jahiliyah

Haroon’s latest apologia….There is nothing Islamic about Pakistan’s blasphemy law.

“Muslim tradition has it that in ushering in Islam 1,400 yeas ago, the Prophet Muhammad ended an era of jahiliyah, ignorance, in Arabia. He not only introduced new theology but also revolutionary social reforms — detailed codes of conduct for individual and collective behaviour. Yet today we are witnessing a new jahiliyah in parts of the Muslim world.

Take the anti-blasphemy law in Pakistan and variations of it in Afghanistan and elsewhere — imposing severe penalties, including death, for insulting Islam and the Prophet or desecrating the Qur’an.”

It’s typical Haroon, moral equivalence masquerading as reasoned discourse in the service of Islam. Sorry Haroon, no one is buying it, there isn’t a Muslim nation that doesn’t persecute and murder minorities. The entire Ummah is Jahiliyah.