Globe devotes entire column to staffer’s wannabe blockbuster…one small problem though

Doug Saunders of the Globe does a Galloway like star turn in this weekend’s Globe plugging his wannabe blockbuster ” The Myth Of The Muslim Tide”. One small problem though, David Goldman aka Spengler, published the book on the subject last year, How Civilizations Die: (And Why Islam Is Dying Too), and he’s been writing about the topic for some time prior to that. ( A good primer on Spengler’s book is here.)

The Globe devoted a lot of column inches to this piece, give it a read, then ask yourself, what, in the name of moral and cultural relativism, has Mr. Saunders omitted and why? Trust me, it will be a long list. I have yet to read Saunders book, however based on this column and his previous work for the Globe there’s nothing new here, and that applies especially to his book. It’s much ado about nothing, offering no more than the standard slurs against anyone who dares criticize the left wing’s long discredited rosy hued shibboleths on multiculturalism and a barely concealed contempt for the very readers who are slamming him in the comments.

Oh Doug…British-born doctor was senior member of heavily-armed militant gang that held two photographers captive at a camp in war-torn Syria