Militant Khomeinist Muslim At Center Of Al-Quds Day Dog Walking Incident Brought Hezbollah Flag To Rally

This picture shows a Moderate Khomeinist Muslim approaching Saturday’s Al Quds Day Rally At Queen’s Park proudly bearing the flag of Hezbollah, a banned terrorist organization.

This photo shows Ali Mallah instructing the Moderate Khomeinist Muslim ( hat, sun glasses, keffiyeh) to hide the Hezbollah flag.

Allan Eintoss has confirmed that the Moderate Militant Khomeinist seen in this video screenshot is the belligerent Muslim who harangued him not to walk his dog near “their women” and the one shown with the Hezbollah flag.

See Video below.

Note the Moderate Khomeinists were instructed to keep their Hezbollah flags hidden because of “poor optics” not because they don’t openly support this terrorist organization. This is a screenshot from the Al-Quds Day Rally Facebook page with the “No Hezbollah flag” instruction. The FB page is now hidden from public view.