McGuinty’s Spine And Other Notes From Al-Quds Day

So what happened at the Toronto Al Quds rally?

Dodo is running some great pics from the JDL side of the event, this is a fave of mine. Most of my day was spent within the borders of Dalton McGuinty’s Queen’s Park Caliphate. This has to be declared a partial victory by you the reader and the Zionist controlled media of which I am evidently a part. The Khomeinists spent a considerable amount of time bitching about us both at the rally and on their Facebook page where they ranted about how Blazingcatfur would expose them. They don’t seem to “get” that all I do is point the camera, they do all the work of exposing themselves. Truth is even their best behavior is not acceptable to civil society.

I do have video of the entire Khomeinist parade wending its way out of QP which I may post later – perhaps some sound track suggestions are in order folks.

Eyecrazy has a great write up. So does Scaramouche.

More pics here, and some good short vids here.

Some shots of the Anti-Khomeinist Iranian protesters, here being rousted by the cops for offending Muslim sensibilities.

Many of you will be familiar with the this gentleman.

He was made to shut down again.

Here’s Zafar Bangash’s rant. It’s a Tour de Force of paranoia.