Bumped: Arrested for walking my dog at Al-Quds Day Rally… The Video

Upperdate: Militant Khomeinist Muslim At Center Of Al-Quds Day Dog Walking Incident Brought Hezbollah Flag To Rally

Update: The subject of this report has received his 1st threatening phone call; “We are going to kill you, you dirty jew”

Toronto Police Services Arrest Man For Walking His Dog On Al-Quds Day

It’s touching how O’ Canada is being sung in the background as this event unfolds.

“I was arrested at the rally for, “offending Islam” by walking in a PUBLIC park with my dog. Apparently, Muslims do not like dogs. I was warned by a few demonstrators not to go near them. Of course I ignored them and reminded them this is Canada, not Pakistan. Well I was assaulted and returned the favor in kind.

At that point I was jumped by four COPS, dragged off and hand cuffed. Oh my the police were so angry! They said I was, “insensitive” and “inciting a riot”. 30 minutes later they cut me a big deal. No charges if I left. So I left. Imagine this happening in Canada? Walking a licensed dog on a leash at the park in front of our Provincial Legislature and being arrested for that simple act!”
NB: This is a therapy dog. Works at hospitals.
  • OfficialPro

    the cops sided with the Muslims BECAUSE OF COURSE THEY DID. Toronto police are the dhimmiest!

  • D from Toronto

    This is outrageous, it is also a sign of the times. I can not believe that Justin Trudeau is going to help this along. We should be protecting our country. This is insanity. I would think you should have a Law Suit against the Toronto Police for violating your rights. Were the one who insulted you cuffed and charged?? I would look into this. If Canadians do nothing Now it will soon be to late!

  • Dale Stuart

    So much for freedom in Canada. I predict we will be at war in this country in the not so distant future. It’ll be a war to preserve our Canadian laws and culture from being overtaken by Islamic/Muslim ideology.