Al Quds Day Bus Schedule…And Karachi Pakistan Overrun With Zionists!

Well look at that, the ISIJ, operators of the East End Madrassah, famed for its Nazi curriculum, are in the thick of things again this year.

Maulana “Sgt. Schultz” Rizvi  never learns.

Thanks to Hardy Weinberg for the tip.

Taste the crazy in Toronto’s Shia Community, the people behind the Al Quds Day Rally:


People who were going to join the Al-Quds rally in Numaish from Safari park today got attacked by zionist.  
The writer is referring to this attack in Karachi Pakistan that killed a Shia. Toronto’s Shia community are adamant that Zionists are killing the Shia in Pakistan. It doesn’t get any crazier than that.