Al Duds Day In Toronto

We came. We saw. We Made Fun Of Khomeini.

Just back, more photos to follow.  As expected the Khomeinists were so intimidated by the sunlight we shone on them that they were on their best behavior.  Well as good as it gets for them. A few chants of Zionism is racism was about as lunatic as it got. I did not spot a single Hezbollah Flag. Update someone else did snag a pic of one.

Ali Mallah was his usual insane self, haranguing both myself and Joanne Hill a reporter for the Jewish Tribune.  Pity I did not get it on tape Sassy had the camera elsewhere at the time.

Menzoid did an interview with Mallah, which he described as a 5 Coupon Ride.

They bused in woman and children to pad the rally numbers. It’s very sad to see these youngsters steeped in hate at such a young age.

It’s fun to be feared. I was followed and photo’d throughout by various individuals, it didn’t seem to dawn on them that we have no fear.

More to come.