Rose coloured glasses…

Doug Saunders has written a book and boy does it ever demonize evil right wingers! It’s called The Myth Of The Muslim Tide and it’s being celebrated by a couple of prats as a breathtaking revelation on the order of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

There’s one small problem, its central premise is old news, a prominent evil right winger named Spengler has been documenting the demographic decline of the “Muslim Tide” for some time. In fact he wrote a book on the subject that long preceded Saunders’, “How Civilizations Die“.

I haven’t yet read Saunders’ book so I can’t examine the studies he cites, but I am reminded of an instance from last year when another silly member of the chattering class cited a dubious report on terrorism activity in the EU.  As we have come to expect from the MSM, he deliberately cherry picked its findings to minimize Islam’s beneficent contribution, conveniently ignoring that Muslims, representing 4% of Europe’s population, accounted for 23% of all terror arrests, an arrest total as it turns out, that was significantly understated in the report he cited.

Saunders’ latest cheerleader is Chris Selley, who along with the entirely objective Haroon Siddiqui, is waving Saunders book about in a triumphalist smear against anyone who has dared question Islam and its many contributions to our mosaic of diversity. Why Selley even cites public opinion polls as a reliable source of corroborating data and insists that anyone who questions their reliability must be an evil right winger or at the least badly misinformed. We all know know how reliable public opinion polls are, remember how accurately they reflected the Federal election or Toronto’s mayoralty run? Well if polls are good enough for Siddiqui, Selley & Saunders’ then they’re good enough for me! I wonder if they’re aware of this poll cited by the CBC which indicated 14% of Canada’s estimated Muslim population of, at the low end, 650,000, sympathized with Islamic extremists? That 14% represents 91,000 “Extremist Sympathizers“.

I wonder if Saunder’s book touches on these contributions by Islam to the West. Like Female Genital Mutilation  or Forced Marriage, or the appalling incidence of birth defects resulting from 1st cousin marriage? Does Saunders discuss the Jews who have fled Malmo in Sweden or the Jews fleeing France? What about the riots in France or the custom of honour killings? Does he suggest we vacation in Brussels?  What about school boards dropping the Holocaust from history classes lest it offend delicate Muslim sensibilities? I wonder, does Saunders discuss the daily persecution and murder of religious minorities in Muslim nations? I’m certain Saunders’ must have an entire chapter devoted to the Islamophobia of the Rochdale Child Sex Ring. That’s an awful lot of societal havoc from what Siddiqui, Selley & Saunders’ assure us is a well integrated, statistically insignificant, minority. Imagine if there really were a Muslim tide.

Here’s something that’s missing from the Selley and Siddiqui columns. Tomorrow, in Toronto, our fair city’s Shia Community will hold its now annual rally at the provincial legislature. It’s called Al Quds Day and and at that rally they will, as a matter of religious obligation, call for the destruction of Israel and the Jews.

Ps. I thought I’d share this little snippet of conversation from the Toronto Shia Community Forum, these are the folks who are behind the Al-Quds Day rally at Queen’s Park. This conversation relates to the recent massacre of 20 Shia muslims in Pakistan and was penned today.

If all shia from GTA come to protest in front of Pakistan and Saudi Embassy, 

that may generate a pressure to Pakistani govt. to take an action against those Wahabi-Zionist.”

Now that’s what Siddiqui, Selley & Saunders call well integrated!