This should do wonders for Sunni-Shia Unity On Al-Thugs Day

Twenty Shia passengers killed in attack of Wahabi terrorists near at Chilas

“More than 20 Shia Passengers were gunned down by the armed Wahabi terrorists on Thursday near at Chilas.

The gory incident took place near Chilas area district Mansehra where American and Saudia backed Wahabi terrorists of Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba (Yazeed) stopped three buses carrying majority of Shia passengers en-route from Gilgit to Rawalpindi and dragged out passengers and shot them.”

Compare the above account with the sanitized versions at the Star & Globe.

Mentioned in Dispatches…From the Toronto Stormfront -Shia Forum, Organizers Of Al-Thugs Day At Queen’s Park

“Although their intention was to use the same intimidation techniques their brethren have used to establish settlements in occupied Palestine, credit must be given to JDL, bloggers like BlazingCatFur and the Islamophobes at Sun Media for giving tremendous publicity to the event which would not have been possible with the limited resources available to the organizers of the rally. The frustration of these racists stems from their utter failure to equate Judaism with Zionism and the criticism of the barbaric policies of the state of Israel with anti-Semitism. From London to Toronto and from Detroit to Paris, the message is very loud and clear; propaganda, hate speech and Islamophobia is not accepted by the masses and the world will not accept the Zionist settler ideology of racial supremacy, irrespective of the spin and hype by the media.”

Rabble calls Al-Thugs Day “Stand Up For Palestine Rally