Tim Hudak Speaks Out Against Queen’s Park Al Quds Day Hitlerfest

Hudak’s comments start at roughly the 3 minute mark of the vid.

Time now for the latest excerpt of “Shialeaks”, This will give you an idea of the casual anti-semitism found throughout the Toronto Shia Community Yahoo group forum. These are the folks behind Al-Quds Day At Queen’s Park.

“Salaam; Great find Pervaiz! You know for a long time I was thinking about Jews and why Hitler wanted to exterminate them. This is one of the reasons.”

The youtube link in the e-mail takes you to this episode of the West Wing.

No doubt The Joos control this Blog! I actually have an idiot on tape accusing me of being in the pay of Netanyahu, the Mossad, and Harper. All my paychecks must be intercepted by CUPW cuz I ain’t seen one;)

This “poster” came from the Shia forum, Right Syed?