What’s “News” In The Toronto Shia Forum? Zionists Plotting To Steal Azerbaijani Land Via Impotency Inducing Food Exports!

“A recent report says the food items exported by Israeli to Azerbaijan contain ingredients which may lead to infertility in male consumers.

An Azeri physician speaking on condition of anonymity told the Azeri daily Gundelik, that such food items as cooking oil, rice, sugar and tea which are imported from Israel can cause infertility in men.  He added that the problem has been confirmed by doctors testing the foods at Baku’s medical university.

During recent years, the Zionist regime has been trying to change demography of Azerbaijan by purchasing hundreds of hectares of land to settle Jews.

Tel Aviv is also behind trafficking human body parts in Azerbaijan.”

This type of e-mail is by no means uncommon within the Toronto Shia Community Yahoo  forum.