Sheema Khan Says Slowly, Muslim communities are changing their approach to marriage and divorce

Sure they are Sheema.

Muslim attitudes to marriage are changing so fast that Europe faces a Forced Marriage crisis having to go so far as to set up dedicated departments to deal with the issue as in the UK.

United Kingdom: “The UK’s Forced Marriage Unit records that “65 percent of its cases involved Pakistani nationals and 25 percent involved Bangladeshi nationals”. In other words 90% of it’s total case load. “

Germany: Nearly half of forced marriage brides Citizens, a third are Minors

Sweden: 8500 kids at risk of being forced into marriage. That’s a lot of kids.

Switzerland: Around 1,400 women were the victims of forced marriages or unwanted family interference in their relationships with partners over the past two years, a new report reveals.

I pulled those links at random from previous posts. We’ve seen the anemic Uber-PC response by our government to forced marriage: An “anti-oppressive, anti-racist position” means never having to mention Islam…

Don’t even get me started on FGM in Europe.