Anti-Semitic Muslim Organization CASMO Organizes Al-Quds Day Dinner At City Rec Centre

Well well well CASMO, our local Muslim David Duke Aficionados are putting on an Al-Quds Day Dinner at The Centennial Recreation Centre, a City Owned venue.

The use of Government facilities is a deliberate strategy by the Khomeinist Anti-Semites to present the public veneer that they are just another ethnic group.

This same tactic was employed by Maulana Rizvi of the ISIJ in conjunction with the Iranian Embassy when Carleton University was used for a Khomeini love in.

Now have a look at the e-mail that followed this announcement. This came in via the Toronto Shia Community Yahoo Group.

“Salaam, Shalom, Shaanti . . . Peace = EQUALS The Just People MINUS The Oppressors*

 *The Oppressors: “The Tiny Little WW-III Instigator + Shaitan.1 + Shaitan.2)

They live among us and they’re using City property to promote Hate.

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