So who did apply for the Al-Quds Day Queens Park permit?

Update: Sources inform me that the Toronto Shia Community Group on Yahoo has stripped all content from their site. I wonder why? That’s ok it’s all screenshotted;)

The following e-mails were sourced from the Toronto Shia Yahoo Group.

So who did apply for the Al-Quds Day Queens Park permit? Very possibly it was Siraj Ali.

I base that on this e-mail in which Siraj Ali states:

“…By the way we were mentally prepared for this when we went to secure our permission. Anyhow now that we have legal permission let’s mobilize…”

In this next e-mail Siraj reels off a list of anti-semitic organizations, bemoaning the fact they have all been “oppressed” among them, Palestine House, CASMO, The ISIJ,  The ICNA, The East End Madrassah, and The Canadian Arab Federation.

That’s like Murderer’s Row Siraj.

In this next e-mail Siraj holds up Hezbollah as an example to be followed.

Now isn’t that nice? The Sergeant-At-Arms at Queen’s Park was obviously impressed. He gave the Khomeinists a permit.

Siraj Ali organized this notorious protest at Toronto’s Pakistani Consulate, the theme was “Salafists = Zionists

The e-mail organizing the protest was distributed by the ISIJ to their list. That’s the same ISIJ, Islamic Ithna Shia Asheri Jamaat, that Siraj says is “oppressed”, The same ISIJ that runs the East End Madrassah, and is linked to CASMO and of course last year’s Al-Quds Day Hate fest etc etc etc…

Have a look at these wonderful pics from the demo.

Blame the Joos, cute how they teach the kids to hate.