Queen’s Park Al-Quds Day Group: East End Madrassah Apology For Nazi Curriculum “a BLACK SPOT in the history of shi’iat in Toronto”

This email is from a discussion held in the Toronto Shia Community Yahoo Group by the Queen’s Park Al-Quds Day organizers. The EEM referred to in the e-mail is the East End Madrassah which I exposed this year. Note how it describes the apology made by the East End Madrassah for it’s Nazi curriculum as a “Black Spot” on the history of the Shi’iat in Toronto. The Sergeant-At-Arms approved the Al-Quds Day group rally at Queen’s Park. This should have it yanked.

It wasn’t much of an apology to begin with. More revelations to come…

Following is the entire text of the e-mail – note they don’t think too much of their “Zionist” allies;)
Thanks for good news. My cogratulations from bottom of my heart to those who strived for it. May Allah reward you the reward of Mujahedeen against the enemies of Islam. So nice to see negating the effects of EEM’S APOLOGY which will always remain as a BLACK SPOT in the history of shi’iat in Toronto. This is also slap on the face of those who made comments about Zionists’ support is needed by us to survive and the one so called Aalime deen who passed derogatory comments against IMAM ALI (A.S.) to support EEM’S UNCONDITIONAL APOLOGY.

Al lazina qaalu rabbonallah summas takaamu……..(Al-Qur’an)

On Thu, 9 Aug, 2012 5:06 AM EDT Mohammad XXXXXXX

>Salamun Alaikum,

>I would like to congratulate the organizing committee, volunteers and especially the two brothers who presented the case to the sargent for holding the rally at Queens park. The Zionist launched a campaign two weeks ago running newspaper ads, stories,