Nazi Madrassah’s Forced Relocation “a revengeful act against those who opposed EEM apology to Jews”

Count this as a modest win. The East End Madrassah is no longer using TDSB facilities and they have been forced to relocate for the coming academic year. This relocation hasn’t sat well with some in Toronto’s Shia Community, as the email below indicates. This is part of the trove from the Toronto Shia Community Yahoo Group.

Full text:

Salamun alaykum,

I thank Br. Zahoor XXXX for supporting my opinion and I agree with him for need of opening madressa in scarborough as lots of parents will not be able to coop with new arrangements of EX EEM converted into HS.

I look at new arrangement of EX EEM as revengeful act against those who opposed EEM apology to Jews and things are very clear after email by members of this group talking about coming to 9000 Bathurst to attend namaz and majalis without having membership.”

Oh and that Police Hate Crime Investigation is taking a little longer than they had anticipated;)

Remember folks this group is behind the Queen’s Park Al-Quds Day rally which has received Dalton McGuinty’s blessing.

Tarek Fatah– The Toronto SUN August 12, 2012

“Did you know there are Canadians among us who are inspired by a mass-murderer?

Canadians who take their cue not from our constitution or the values we have developed over the past 400 years of western civilization, but from the words of a hate-monger whose sinister image to this day instils fear and casts a shadow of misery wherever his tentacles reach.