TDSB Goes All In For

This is an actual TDSB Training session: “Why We Should Not Be Afraid Of Hip Hop”

This next bit comes from an “equity” resource guide: Equity Umbrella Symposium Gr. 4-6

Laura is bummed because some of the kids aren’t allowed to go to her house on account of her Mom & Mom are Bull Dykes.

Jamila is bummed because the class sings Christmas songs and doesn’t recognize Muslim holy days.

The question asked is What, as friends, can we do?

I know! Invite Jamila to the Dyke’s house and then give Dad and her brothers Laura’s address!

Okay Teachers, now that you’ve got a Vid up at and you’ve converted a Muslim girl to lesbianism you can get down to the real business of education: Class Warfare! Up Against The Wall Motha Fuckas!

This was another teacher training course offered by the TDSB: Political Foundations of Inner City Education: The TBE Experience Inner city education is best understood as class struggle over access to the benefits of education. Starting from the assumption that education systems automatically tend to reproduce the social inequalities of the surrounding society, it follows that efforts to disrupt this process will require political pressure. Many of these programs were subsequently rolled back during the neoliberal resurgence of the Harris decade which deepened class stratification. 

I think I understand the TDSB’s Che homage better now.