Ladies & Gentleman, Your Al-Quds Day Sergeant-At-Arms

Update: So who did apply for the Al-Quds Day Queens Park permit?

And…This is what happens when you leave decisions to someone who looks like he stepped out of a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta

Ladies and Gentleman your Sergeant-At-Arms for Al Quds Day. The e-mails I’ve pasted across the picture of the Sergeant-At-Arms come from a Toronto Shia Group discussing the controversy surrounding the cowardly decision to allow these Khomeinsts the use of Queens Park.

Read them….”zionist controlled media”, praise for Hezbollah, “the wrongful shutdown of the East End Madrassah” “racist zionist ideology” “slandering Palestine House” “Villifying Casmo” “Zionist Thugs” These are just a few of the terms tossed around in the emails. Below is a sample.

“Salãmun alaykum,

I hope and pray that these holy month of Ramadhaan is helping us to acquire close proximity to Allah (swt) and the divine message is descending on our heart and on our soul as we get ready for the glorious nights followed by Al-Quds Rally on Saturday 18th August at 2:30pm from Queens Park (Toronto).

The good news is that we do have the legitimate permission from the Legislative Assembly despite the hard work of brainwashing and twisting the fact by the Zionist to cancel our long standing permission. The main reason that this rally is attracting Zionist is the increase in participants, initially when the number of participants in this rally was low they couldn’t care less but as more and more Muslims are joining and exercising their right to freedom of expression and the message of Al-Quds is resonating loud and clear to the powers that be, the local Zionist are feeling the brunt.

So in my respectful view please promote and participate in large numbers to increase the impact, this is our opportunity to stand up against international and local oppression against us. By local oppression I mean the wrongful shutdown of East End Madrassa, the aggressive attack on Canadian Arab Federation, Accusing Canadian Islamic Congress, Slandering Palestine House, defaming ISIJ, vilifying CASMO, smear campaign against ICNA and the list goes on and on.”